Work Packages

The e-Drive project is divided into seven Work Packages and full descriptions of each can be found below.  Work Packages 1 to 5 are concerned with the core engineering and scientific research of the project while Work Packages 6 and 7 are designed to ensure the industrial applicability of the research.

Work Package 1 – Integrated Electrical Generator Speed Enhancement Design

This Work Package will consider both linear and rotary machines and is sub-divided into tasks covering the following:

  • A low speed pole modulated generator for heave based devices.
  • Speed enhancement.
  • An integrated generator speed enhancement design review.


Work Package 2 – Integrated Power Converter Generator Systems

This Work Package will investigate failure of power electronic converters due to thermal cycling and resultant bond-wire fatigue.  It will consider interactions between converter architecture, machine power factor, power flow, cost, complexity, overall drive train efficiency, thermal fatigue, switching device utilisation and wave energy converter control.


Work Package 3 – System Modelling and Control

This Work Package, which investigates system control with the use of state of the art modelling, is sub-divided into tasks which consider the following:

  • Wave to wire models
  • Multi-directional energy conversion


Work Package 4 – Design for Survivability

Making further use of the wave to wire model developed under Work Package 3, this Work Package will develop design recommendations intended to ensure the mechanical and structural survival of the system under likely ranges of motion and extreme loads.


Work Package 5 – Experimental Demonstration

Based on the results of the preceding four Work Packages, Work Package 5 will design and build a prototype system.  This system will be dry-tested on a linear test rig at the University of Edinburgh and refinements to the system will be made through comparisons with the design tools and models of other Work Packages.


Work Package 6 – Design Case Studies

This Work Package is the first of two that works to ensure the industrial applicability of results gathered under the first 5 Work Packages.  It will design PTO systems to fit the devices offered for consideration by the e-Drive industrial partners.


Work Package 7 – Industrial Engagement and Impact Management

The final Work Package in the e-Drive project will focus on engaging industrial organisations and ensuring that the technologies developed meet the needs of industry.  An Industrial Advisory Board will be formed and a technology commercialisation roadmap will be produced.  Throughout the project, key impact indicators will be monitored and maximised.